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abortion quiz

abortion quiz

Are you uncomfortable telling others about your abortion experience?

  1. Do you find yourself striving to prove that you are a good mother or person?
  2. Do you grieve the loss of your child?
  3. Do you think bad things have, or will happen to you because of your abortion?
  4. Do you engage in self-punishing attitudes or behaviors since your abortion?
  5. Have you experienced anger and/or unforgiveness connected to your abortion?
  6. Do you avoid situations that remind you of your abortion?
  7. Do you maintain unhealthy relationships or unhealthy friendships with men?
  8. Do you view yourself differently after your abortion?
  9. Do you feel alone with your emotional pain?

If you have answered Yes to any of these questions and would like to explore freedom from a past abortion experience, we can help.

At the ABC Life Choices we have trained staff who can help you work through issues that you think may be related to a past abortion. For more information on our post-abortion support click here.