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A free education?  Mom always said, “You don’t get anything for free!”  Education does cost.  It costs the student their time, plus there is usually a cost for books and of course you have to pay the teacher’s salary.  So how can Pregnancy Resource Center say it’s free to take Earn While You Learn classes?  It does cost someone – just not our clients.  As with every service at our Center, the service has been paid for by our donors.  This means we can provide these classes at no-cost to our clients.


So what is Earn While You Learn?  Earn While You Learn is a unique program that offers mentoring, support and education to women who choose to carry their baby to term as their pregnancy option.  New moms learn all they can, from prenatal care to parenting their child through the infant and toddler stages.  Topics include “Bonding with Your Unborn Baby”, “Labor & Delivery”, “Breast-Feeding and Formula Feeding”, “Infant Milestones”, “Toddler Strategies” and over 65 more lesson options!  The first few lessons provide a solid foundation for pregnancy care, including learning about the life growing inside them and the amazing developments that happen along the way.


Each class is personalized to meet the individual need.  Whether you’re planning to parent or place for adoption, we can customize your class experience through our one-on-one sessions with a PRC Mommy Mentor.  Our Mommy Mentors help new moms choose which classes will benefit them the most and address particular areas, such as; “Going It Alone”,  “The Adoption Option”, “At Risk Pregnancies” and  “You Can Quit (smoking)”.


Blog | San Clemente | free Education…But that’s not all…moms also “EARN” (it’s in the title) Baby Bucks! All our students earn Baby Bucks to use in our Baby Boutique.  From small items like baby shoes to diapers, clothing, to larger items like brand-new cribs, strollers, high chairs and Pack ‘n Plays®, Baby Bucks can be earned several ways – including just for showing up to your class!  And the more they learn, the more they earn – like bucks for doing the lessons and for participating in discussion. So as they earn and learn, they also shop and prepare for baby’s arrival.



LETS NOT FORGET DAD! At Pregnancy Resource Center, we love to pour into the lives of our new dads as well.  We offer Practical Fatherhood and Authentic Manhood specifically for our daddies.


With educational and rewarding benefits like these opportunities from Earn While You Learn our clients can feel confident and prepared to parent.  Perhaps even lowering the current statistic which states: 55% percent of women say they have abortions because they feel unready for a baby or because they don’t believe they can afford a baby.


Parenting and Life-Skills programs like ours answer this exact need. Earn While You Learn encourages women by providing the tools for mothers to raise emotionally healthy children.


So, it IS A FREE EDUCATION for our clients!  Investing in themselves and their children, our new moms (and dads) are creating a content and healthy environment for parenting to flourish!  That’s our goal – and we are so delighted to come alongside our clients on this valuable life journey!

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