Getting through the Doors of Life

doors-warm-wornMore Than Usual

We have closed the door on that season of “more than usual” thankfulness, and we are opening the doors of “more than usual” giving.   I don’t know about you, but along with the excitement of that door swinging in my favor (receiving), I feel the sweat of the purchase exiting the doors of the big ol’ mall on the hill. While the credit card is blowing up, the paycheck stays the same. Is there a door I can open that is “more than usual” encouraging? At Pregnancy Resource Medical Clinic there is hope in the right season. There is always a sense of assurance and calm when a woman is in need. The door is always “more than usual” hopeful


I Need to See a Door, Not a Wall

Most of the clients at Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) are between the ages of young and not so young. Many are in some sort of “surprise” situation. Some clients are the “I think I might be pregnant, but I’m not ready” and some are “I am pregnant but I need help.” Either way, the door of hope is the same for everyone, because at PRC, hope is found in solutions.

The majority of our clients need to either know if they’re pregnant, or they need to verify their pregnancy. Our pregnancy tests are laboratory quality and results are within minutes.

If her test is positive, we will often schedule an ultrasound – again, at no cost to our clients. The ultrasound will determine if the pregnancy is viable, meaning, if the fetus is located in the womb and if the heart is beating. Because 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, it is important to know viability before making a pregnancy decision. Plus, an ultrasound will indicate how far along the client is in her pregnancy. Our medical team is well-trained in limited OB ultrasound, pregnancy care, and help for adverse conditions.

The Door of Hope

For some women, pregnancy is a door that they would rather not open. At PRC we understand. Not everyone who becomes pregnant is ready to be a parent.   This is when the word “resource” in the name of the Center really comes into focus. What resources does a woman need? One of the most valuable resources the Center has is the Volunteers and Staff. Each woman who comes to PRC has their own Client Advocate who helps them walk through their pregnancy decision offering resources and referrals to help them through this time.


Confidently Understanding Options

Some of our clients will want an abortion. The Client Advocate is trained to educate women on their pregnancy options including abortion risks and procedures. There are some who don’t want an abortion, but don’t feel ready or able to be a parent. PRC can facilitate a meeting between the birth mom and an adoption agency. For others, the woman’s main issue is lack of health insurance. Currently in California, a woman with a pregnancy verification letter can receive health insurance at no cost. PRC provides that letter.


The woman who desires to parent has many needs. Does her boyfriend support her? Will her family support her? She may need financial assistance or want to continue her education or start her career. How can she continue a pregnancy if these things are not in her favor? At PRC the first thing we help her work through is identifying her support system. Clients often feel a family member may be upset and unsupportive. We encourage the client to foster relationships that are important to her. Our Client Advocate can aid in her discussions with her support team.


12105760_10208073698099246_2922031706064519828_nF12043183_10208073697579233_8783410713427553801_nor practical help during her pregnancy, PRC provides over 100 parenting classes for both moms and dads. These are easy to understand, fun to take, and moms and dads actually get baby dollars when they attend classes that they can spend in the Center boutique.  Lets talk about the Center boutique! It’s a beautiful little shop (with no door) that is always open. It’s loaded with fabulous baby clothing, baby shoes, DIAPERS (you will need those), wipes, socks, booties, handmade baby blankets, bottles, pacifiers and most anything for the closet or cabinets you can dream up! There is even offer a small selection of maternity clothes for mom.


The Door is Open

At the Pregnancy Resource Center you will always find a smile and a word of encouragement…and if you ask, hugs are always available.

ABC Life Choices operates on love and goodwill – not cash. There is no cash register here. This is a service provided to you by members of your own community who care about you. They care enough to pay in advance for the Center doors to be open freely for you to receive what you need.

There is no season that is without some trials and some blessings. This is the place for the blessing. A wonderful door to walk through, make your appointment today.



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