How You Can Help

Men & Pregnancy

You are a vital part of the abortion discussion. At ABC Life Choices, men are welcome to be part of the process. Come in and meet some of our male staff members who will listen to your concerns and give you the facts you need.

You might be thinking: “This can’t be happening to me!” or “We were so careful…” or “She was on the pill; I used a condom. Isn’t that enough?”

Every method of birth control has its failure rate. If you’re having sex, pregnancy can occur. Most men like to make decisions based on facts. We can provide the facts you need:

Is she really pregnant? Schedule an appointment for a medical confirmation at one of our centers.

How far along is she? Gestational age is an important factor to consider. The age of the baby also determines abortion costs. A Pregnancy Decision Consultation will give you vital information about the size and position of the pregnancy.

What are the options, and how much can you influence her decision? Men have a voice and we value your visit. Bring your questions and concerns. Make an appointment today.

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