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Alcohol, Sex and Pregnancy Blog

Alcohol and recreational drugs, mixed with sex is risky business.  Substance users are more likely to engage in behaviors that increase the risk of pregnancy.    A casual night of “fun” might result in  an unexpected pregnancy that sets in motion a pregnancy decision and possibly the question, “Am I going to have an abortion?”


Alcohol, Sex and Pregnancy | San Clemente | Blog

“How did I get into this mess?  I had a few drinks at a party, was feeling great, met a guy who seemed like fun, and now I’m pregnant.”    Alcohol and recreational drug use, is fairly common in the world of unplanned pregnancies.  At the ABC Life Choices, we interact with many  who have done things they regret while under the influence.   Respondents to a recent Guttmacher study who consumed 5 or more drinks at a sitting and those who used marijuana were more likely to have more than one sexual partner and less likely to use condoms, increasing the risk of becoming pregnant.

Sex and drugs | Blog

We know that recreational drinking and drug use may lead to making decisions that require a sober response.   ABC Life Choices is prepared to serve the men and women in our communities during an unexpected pregnancy.

Our staff and volunteers understand the sensitivity of each client’s situation.  We will thoughtfully engage in an open dialogue with her to help her move forward in clarity, making a decision she can live with for a lifetime.  Now the only question she needs to ask is, “How do I make my no-cost appointment?”

Sex Drugs Alcohol | Blog | San Clemente


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