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Abortion may solve one “stress” only to create a myriad of others.  Abortion hurts blogMany post-abortive women experience regret and are reluctant to share how abortion has affected their lives. Unable to share their brokenness, coupled with a desire to bury feelings, they may self medicate, they may be diagnosed with depression, and some may simply hurt. 

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But there is hope!  Long-term healing can be found.  At the ABC Life Choices we provide a confidential 12-week post-abortion Bible study that is held each spring and fall. The study, Forgiven and Set Free, helps those who are suffering in silence from abortion, and guides them on a path to emotional healing and freedom.  

If you find yourself relating to any of the following points below, please consider our study, and join the many women who have been Forgiven and Set Free and are now walking with new hope and abundant life!

Signs of stress after an abortion may include:

  • Enduring emotions like guilt from our own sense of morality, anger, or sorrow.
  • Anxiety (which leads to: headaches, dizziness, pounding heart, abdominal cramps, muscle tightening, difficulty sleeping)
  • Anxiety over fertility issues, fearing God will punish you by not letting you bear children
  • Experiencing emptiness, a deep sense of loss, or prolonged periods of depression.
  • Ongoing nightmares, flashbacks, or hallucinations
  • Thinking of life in terms of “before” and “after” the abortion.
  • Resentment or anger toward people involved in the abortion, such as the baby’s father, friends, or parents.
  • Avoiding children or pregnant women
  • Unable to bond with your children, overprotective or feeling detached from them.
  • Wanting to get pregnant to replace the baby lost to abortion
  • Anniversary reactions: either the abortion date or the due date

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