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Option is Part of Adoption

If you or someone you know is faced with an unexpected pregnancy that person may be flooded with fears, doubts and concerns.  “I just can’t have a child right now” is frequently on the minds of our clients. Parenting seems impossible, and abortion seems daunting.  Yet, these two choices are most frequently chosen without considering or exploring another option – adoption.  To some, adoption may seem like an unbearable sacrifice, too much of a loss, or even abandonment.  Adoption is a sacrifice, but it’s also selfless act, and, if understood more clearly, it can be a very positive, life-affirming decision.   Let’s peer into the option of adoption with fresh, open eyes.




Adoption has changed dramatically over the years.  What used to be only a “closed adoption” meaning no contact with the child,  today adoption has options – open, semi-open or closed. Depending upon the birth mom’s situation,  she can decide what is best for her and for her child. 

She can choose the parents of her baby through a reputable agency, and can be involved as little or as much in the child’s life as mutually agreed upon with the adoptive parents.Birth mom | preparing

Placing a child with parents that have been pre-screened, pre-qualified and that fit her criteria for adoptive parents gives the birth mom a feeling of empowerment.  Also, having the opportunity to be involved in the child’s life is a great advantage to many birth moms. Other women may prefer to place her baby without any contact.  It is a personal and important decision that only she (and if the baby’s father is involved) can make.

While placing for adoption is a loss, and there is an initial grieving period over that loss, many who place for adoption report a sense of peace and joy knowing they gave their child life.

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When a mother chooses adoption over abortion is there a benefit?  Statistics reveal that abortion may leave emotional scars that can range from minimal reoccuring sadness, to the more invasive, Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS).  

Birth mom living healthy San ClementeWith adoption, a birth mother may be comforted knowing she has the ability to carry her child for 9 months.    Additionally, when carrying a child to term,  many pregnant women take up healthier lifestyles, making better food choices, exercising more, and dropping bad habits – creating a “new improved self”.  Often times these new habits stick and the birth mom,  baby and adoptive parents score a win!



This is a choice that you need to think about carefully, and if you’re not ready to parent, adoption may be the right choice for you.  At the ABC Life Choices we can talk about your options and have a respectful and honest conversation…even when it’s not easy.


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