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Wikipedia says Spring fever is a term applied to various moods, and physical or behavioral changes, which may be experienced coinciding with the arrival of spring.   The term may also refer to an increase in energy, vitality, and sexual appetite.

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Spring will come and go.  Fevers come and go. Sexually transmitted diseases and/or infections and unplanned pregnancies may affect you for a lifetime.    If you are sexually active, more than likely, it doesn’t have much to do with the weather.    What is also true is that we are always at risk of getting pregnant if we are having sex, winter, spring, summer or fall.


The idea that you can have ‘safe-sex’ is a misleading falsehood.   Condoms and every type of birth control have a failure rate. None are 100% proven effective against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or pregnancy.  Even men who have had a vasectomy have a small chance (.6 to 1%) of getting their partner pregnant.  There is no such thing as safe sex.

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The CDC (Center for Disease Control link) provides statistics on birth control failure rates:


Implants .05%

Levonorgestrel IUD .2%

Copper IUD .8%

Female Sterilization “tying tubes”, Transcervical Sterilization, Male Sterilization–Vasectomy -1%

Injection or Shot 6%

Combined oral contraceptives, “the Pill” 9%

Progestin Only pill 9%

Contraceptive ring 9%

Diaphragm or cervical cap 12%

Male Condom 18%

Female Condom 21%

Natural family planning 24%

Spermicides 28%


If you don’t want to face an STD/STI or unexpected pregnancy, then the best advice is to avoid a spring fling.  Learning to be responsible for the outcomes (STD/STI’s and unplanned pregnancy) is available at Pregnancy Resource Center.  We offer confidential, “no cost” consults to discuss how to have healthy relationships that benefit YOU.

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