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Starring Role, Played by Dad

Starring Role, Played by Dad

Starring Role, Played by Dad


Starring Role

Who held the starring role in your childhood?  Was it a musician, rockstar, famous actor or actress?  Does the the Military come to mind? Firefighters or Police officer?  Would you choose your mother or grandmother? How about a teacher or a favorite coach?  What about your dad? Where does your he fall on your list of heros? Would you be surprised to know that Harris Poll  asked American’s who tops their lists for hero and Fathers ranked at number #1?  Sixteen percent of those polled picked their fathers. Are you about to become a dad, or are you already a father to a new baby?  Do you have questions about parenting and your place in becoming someone’s hero? At ABC Life Choices, we recognize the important role of fathers – we provide the tools to help dads be the best they can be.  

Famous Dads

In the old days of black and white television, fathers wore a suit, worked 9 to 5, and returned home to a stay-at-home wife and mother in an apron.  Then we viewed successful fathers without wives like Andy Griffith and Danny Tanner. We laughed with comedic fathers, Cliff Huxtable, Tim “Tool Time” Taylor,  Dan Conner, and Ray Barone that showed us the humorous side of parenting. Stay-at-home dads on Who’s the Boss, Mr. Mom and Daddy Day Care, paved the way for a whole new generation.  Currently two gay dads Mitch and Cam steal the spotlight on Modern Family.   Fatherhood lasts a lifetime and has been portrayed with many valuable life lessons – primarily, that pre-eminent in parenting is love.

Making You A Star

At ABC Life Choices, our motto is Love is at the center of our Center.  We come alongside the “dad” part of the parenting picture to equip and prepare the fathers of tomorrow, right now.  Before babies are born we offer parenting classes that help men take on the most important role of their lifetime – dad.  Our desire is to prepare you for the basics of dad-hood: understanding how important you are to the mother and child you are protecting, being a healthy role model for your family, and much more.


If this seems overwhelming to you, we understand.  Jerry Sienfeld famously said, “having a two-year old is like having a blender without a lid.”  We come alongside dad’s to help you see, you are the lid.  We aim to help you keep it all together “man-style” and become a superstar in your child’s life.


Learning to parent in San ClementeNext Steps

If you’re planning to parent or co-parent, you may be asking, “what it’s like to be a dad?” or “what should I expect during her pregnancy?” or “what do I do when the baby arrives?” Answers to these questions and more are available to you through our Dad-Hood classes, tailored-made for you. You’ll meet with other experienced dads and learn how to be the best father you can be to your new child.


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