Unexpected Thankfulness





It happens all the time because sex happens all the time. It doesn’t matter how much you think you have done to protect yourself, it can STILL happen.  No one wants to be in the 18% of “condoms that fail”, or the 9% of women who “because the pill didn’t work” category.  “But, I’m on birth control!” “He said he used protection.” “We were drinking and it just happened.” “I can’t be pregnant!”  


If you’re having sex – protected or unprotected – expect that you have the potential of getting pregnant. If it’s unplanned, then you have three options:  parenting, adoption or abortion.  It’s a very difficult choice for many women.  In fact, 45% of all unplanned pregnancies end in abortion.   So how does one be thankful in this situation

I call it Unexpected Thankfulness when a doubtful woman takes hold of an unplanned situation and turns it into the fuel for unexpected thankfulness.  At the center, we get to witness this transformation.




At the Center, women come in with  unexpected pregnancies and often ask us “why me?” or “how is this possible?  We were careful”.  They’re often times scared – scared of facing something or someone.  There is nervous laughter, fear, doubt, anger, sadness, worry, and uncertainty.  We hear words like “I can’t,” or “he’ll leave me.”

Our unexpected reaction is love.  We listen, and address all of her concerns the same way – with truth and love.  We are a safe place for her.  A place where she can share her feelings without judgement, and a place where she can get practical help, hope, and see her future in a new unexpected light.  




Many clients in unexpected pregnancies are unprepared.  They may still be living with parents, not financially ready, may still be going to school, embarking on a career, or perhaps have no real relationship with the father of the baby.  And yet…unexpected thankfulness arises in our clients when there is hope.  Unexpected thankfulness comes because of our attentive client advocates who remain with her from the first meeting, her pregnancy test results, her ultrasound visit, and ultimately throughout the pregnancy. Options consults can be extended to her immediate family and the father of her unborn baby.  This allows for an open discussion in a welcoming environment, guided and facilitated by a compassionate, caring advocate of the mother–to-be.

Our community has rallied together to provide practical help that provides ways for new unexpected thankfulness.  Some of our ‘no cost to you’ services include:

  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Limited OB Ultrasound
  • Pregnancy Options Consult
  • Abortion, Adoption and Parenting Information
  • Referrals for doctors, STD/STI testing, and social services
  • Contact information for local resources (WIC/housing)
  • Earn While you Learn prenatal and parenting classes for new moms and dads
  • The Baby Boutique – filled with new and gently items, diapers and supplies that can be purchased with EWYL Baby Bucks, earned in the Earn While You Learn classes.  
  • Baby and family photo shoots
  • Layette baskets after delivery


We see families broken apart and we see families sewn together.   We see boys become men.  We see the fathers-to-be step up in optimism.  We see the inexperienced become experienced.  We see doubt become confidence.  We see fear become bravery. We see anger turn to peace.  We see despair become excited anticipation.  We see what may be the death of a relationship, come to life.  Yes, the unexpected happens!


There is no greater gift than seeing a mother thankful she chose life for her unborn baby.  She has a gratefulness that is unexplainable. Tears often well up on both sides as new mommies show off their babies to their now beloved client advocates.  They often recall their first thoughts of doubt and wishing they weren’t pregnant, only to say they are so unexpectedly thankful they visited the center. “I can’t imagine life without my baby,” has been said a over and over, because…

Love is at the center of our Center.


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