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Our culture has put the act of sex, in a box marked “PLEASURE” as if that is the sole purpose for an intimate sexual relationship. We are seeing scores of people who have been preyed upon for sex. Some people feel like sex is expected and the only way to secure a boyfriend, maintain a relationship (even a failing one).  Others will have sex to get or keep a job.  Many think sex will bring them popularity or use sex as a way to feel loved.  Then there are those who mistakenly (or carelessly) have sex under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  All of these situations lead to an unfulfilled mass of people suffering, insecure, emotionally handicapped and discouraged. If our culture equates sex with pleasurable, why are so many hurting?


Why are you having sex?

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Here is a checklist to help you assess if you are involved in using sex to gain something, or control something or someone – for your pleasure.



Do you use sex to show love?

Are you having sex to feel warmth, comfort, contact and connection?

Using sex to communicate?

Are you having sex to punish yourself or someone else?

Are you having sex to prove your maturity?

Have you used sex to gain status among friends?

Do you think sex proves loyalty?

Do you use sex to “hook” someone?

Will you give sex or demand it as some sort of payment?

Do you believe sex is your duty?

Have you had sex in an attempt to get pregnant?


If any of the questions can be answered with a yes, you may be using sex, for personal gain. We are cheapening, and making casual something sacred.    We are hurting emotionally, because our physical being is used in a way it was not intended.



How we can help

We welcome the opportunity to have a conversation about  healthy sexual relationships.  Consider coming to the ABC Life Choices for a no-cost pregnancy test and consult.  If you are pregnant, you may qualify for a limited ultrasound at no cost to you.  Serving women faced with unplanned pregnancies, and sexually transmitted infections and diseases that come from wanted and unwanted sexual experiences…we are ready to point you to a new box – because you’re worth more than #Youtoo.



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