Abortion Pill by Mail

Abortion Pill by Mail

How Safe is it to Get Abortion Pills Online?

   ABC Life Choices is committed to providing confidential and free support to women facing unplanned pregnancies. We understand that every woman’s situation is unique, and we aim to provide accurate information to help them make informed decisions.

   Medication abortion, also known as a medical abortion or Plan C, involves taking a combination of two different medications, mifepristone and misoprostol.

   Obtaining abortion pills online without medical supervision can pose significant risks. The internet is flooded with websites claiming to sell abortion pills, but the authenticity and quality of these medications cannot be guaranteed. Without proper medical guidance, women may be unaware of potential complications and the risks they present.

   One major concern is the lack of pre-abortion screening. Before undergoing any abortion, it is crucial to have an ultrasound to get the information to best care for yourself. An ultrasound is used to determine the gestational age of the pregnancy and rule out ectopic pregnancy which can be life-threatening. An ultrasound can also help assess whether the pregnancy is even viable.

   ABC Life Choices offers confidential and free support to women considering their options. Our compassionate team of healthcare professionals and trained advocates can provide accurate information, conduct pre-abortion STI and ultrasound screenings, and help women get what they need as they make their decision. We understand that this may feel overwhelming, and we are here to provide non-judgmental support and care.

   While the idea of obtaining abortion pills online may seem convenient, it is essential to prioritize your safety and well-being. While we don’t refer for or provide abortions, we do offer confidential and free support to women, ensuring they have access to accurate information and compassionate guidance during this challenging time.

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